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Alexander Taratynov


Alexander Taratynov was born into a family of artists in 1956 in Moscow, Russia. He finished the Moscow Secondary Art School and continued his education at the Surikov Moscow Art Institute.

Alexander Taratynov participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and Europe including: The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France and Austria. Alexander Taratynov created many monumental works in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Latvia and Russia.

In his works, Alexander Taratynov combines the ability to come up with an interesting idea with the ability to create a superior quality sculpture, and that is exactly what matters at a time when such concepts as “school” and “tradition” are being devalued. The main distinguishing feature of the author’s monumental sculptures is that his so-called “living monuments” are able to evoke an emotional response in the viewer. His works invite the spectator to be a part of an unspoken dialogue. His sculptures show no aggression towards the space around them. On the contrary, they harmoniously blend with the environment.

Alexander Taratynov is the creator of the following 3D sculptures:

  1. “Nightwatch” Rembrandt (in association with Mikhail Dronov )
  2. “The Kiss” Gustav Klimt
  3. “The Unknown Woman” Ivan Kramskoi
  4. “Knight, Death and the Devil” Albrecht Dürer
  5. “The Dance” Henri Matisse

Alexander Taratynov is currently working on a series of XXL-sized sculptures. www.taratynov.com

Solo exhibitions 2010:

  1. Exhibition in Honour of the 75th anniversary of M.Grekov Studio of Millitary Artists, Moscow State Exhibition Hall “New Manege”, Moscow, Russia
  2. “Year of Russia”, Flower Garden Keukenhof, Lisse, The Netherlands
  3. Summer display, Belled Gallery, Langbroek, The Netherlands
  4. “Family” exhibition, Chuvash State Art Museum, Cheboksary, Russia
  5. “Family” exhibition, Novocheboksarsk’s Municipal Art Museum, Novocheboksarsk, Russia
  6. “Nightwatch 3D” Project, The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia
  7. “Artesania Art&Deco”, “3D Gallery” exhibition, New Manege Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia
  8. “Year of Russia in France”, A display of projects “The Dance” and “The Kiss”, Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France
  9. China International Exhibition, a display in Central Park, Shanghai, China
  10. “Art Manege 2010”, “3D Gallery” exhibition, Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia
  11. XXL & 3D Projects Exhibition, Maastricht – Valkenburg, The Netherlands

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